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School Programs

Gym Uniforms

Let Screen Designs help minimize the hassle of administering your gym uniform program. We offer customized templates and web-based applications to make your program easier than ever to manage.


We offer a variety of the latest spiritwear items as well as custom apparel designs to support school spirit! We provide actual printed garments as samples so the customer can really see and feel the garment. We will not provide logos taped on to the apparel/product or virtual samples as it limits the customer's understanding of the final product.


Why not combine school spirit and the opportunity to raise money to support special programs, uniforms, events or the general fund.

Real samples help sell the program, while custom order forms and order sorting take the hassle factor away from the school coordinator making it one of the best fundraiser ideas in the market.

Reorders can be emailed or sent online allowing for a quick turnaround on any quantity.


Screen Designs can provide a complete solution for any school team's apparel and accessory needs, including uniforms, warm-ups, coaches apparel, travel bags and a variety of fleece items and practice apparel options.


We work with a variety of school organizations to create designs for their specific events that integrate the school logo and look to ensure consistency.

Online catalog including embroidered School Apparel, custom embroidery, screen printed School Apparel, and screen printing.

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